Private placements are the backbone of traditional startup fundraising. They're tried and true, and investors understand them inside and out. Because of this, they're often quicker than other methods, and they can attract a wider pool of investors.
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Build trust, show progress, close investors
Pitching investors is only a small fraction of raising money. Bax guides your fundraising process from start to finish, while keeping current and prospective investors informed, seeing progress, and building trust.
alt Bi-Weekly Updates

Based on our bi-weekly call with your team, we compile a beautiful investor update email, keeping each of them informed like clockwork, answering the most common questions, and asking for help where necessary.

alt Snazzy Reporting

Attached to the update email is a beautifully-designed, high-level snapshot of your company’s key metrics, allowing investors to follow your progress and add value where and when they can.

alt Dedicated, Managed Inbox

Your investors will send you individual questions, and you need them answered quickly - but each should feel like you’ve taken time for them. We set up a dedicated inbox so our team manages to do just that.

alt Your Own Voice

While each update is crafted by Bax, it’s done in your unique voice and tone, and is sent “from” your CEO - ensuring your investors feel the lines of communication are wide open, all while allowing you to focus elsewhere.

alt Personalized Action Buttons

We personalize each update for each investor. Prospective investors see buttons pushing them to commit, while existing investors see buttons asking them to send info to co-investors.

alt A Hands-On Approach

We’re a tech company first, but we’re also a service firm. You get a dedicated account rep who gets to know you and your business, ensuring a higher quality of service to your investors, every time.

Private Placement Team
  • alt
    Travis Steffen
    Founder, CEO
    Los Angeles, CA
  • alt
    Morgan Brady
    Co-Founder, CMO
    New York, NY
  • alt
    Peter Lucey
    Co-Founder, CFO
    Chicago, IL
  • alt
    Aaron Letzeiser, Co-Founder of Obie

    Bax has been an integral part of our fundraising process. From initial prep, to their outreach funnel, to investor relations - they made the process easier than we ever could have done on our own.

    Joe Dunn, Co-Founder of Nutrilyze

    We're well on our way to reaching our fundraising goal, and really couldn't have done it without Bax.

    Dylan Spartz, Co-Founder of FlashCourse

    The top priority of every startup should be keeping their investors happy. Bax helps with this. A lot.

Upfront, transparent, fixed pricing, always
Investor Relations Subscription - $499/mo for up to 100 investors

A monthly investor relations service that becomes an outsourced part of your team

Cap Table Management - FREE with Investor Relations

As your business grows, you need specialized attention on your cap table regularly.

ADD-ON: Investor Solicitation - 5% of capital raised

3x weekly email blasts to 50-100 members of our list of 20,000 investors